10 Critical SEO Tips and Tricks for Small Businesses

seo tips and tricks

Onsite SEO Tips and Tricks Infographic

For starters, there are NO tricks with SEO. I used that in my title purely to capture your attention. SEO is a lot like weight loss, we are always looking for tricks, but there is only one true way, healthy eating and exercise. Same goes with SEO, there is only high quality content and not spamming. Ok, now that I got that off my chest and before we get to the infographic, let me explain exactly how SEO is broken down. SEO has two main categories, onsite and offsite. In the infographic below, we will thoroughly examine onsite SEO, but before we get there, it is crucial to understand the difference of each. For starters, google has put a larger emphasis on on-page SEO. Hence why I have been talking more about it on my blog. Any who, lets break down the difference.

On Page SEO:

On site SEO is exactly what is sounds like. All the adjustments you can make on your website to allow your target market to find you when they search on google. The most important on page SEO optimization tips are below, but its imperative that before you even get started, you know what your SEO score is and perform keyword research (which is the #1 most important step). Once you have put together a strong list of high search and low competitive keywords for each page of your site, its time to begin “writing” around those keywords. Yes, I said it, writing. Content on your website is more important than ever and before you start listing your features and benefits like everyone else does, take some time to break down what your client really wants to hear. Value! This takes a lot of time and if done correctly will pay dividends.

Here is an example:

Some of our custom WordPress design features are:

  • Make changes to your own site
  • Responsive Design
  • Set up for lead generation
  • Saves you time and money

This is what my site actually says:

SEO Tips and Tricks

Avoid stuffing your pages with the same keyword, but use variations and be sure to use those keywords in the headlines and titles. Adding more pages is very important especially if you have multiple keywords you want to rank for. Instead of keyword stuffing, create another page. This is where blogging comes in. Every time you publish a new blog post, you are increasing your indexable and searchable pages. What you are reading is an example. Blogging also allows you to build a list to share valuable information via email marketing campaigns.

Off Page SEO:

This is everything you can do to improve your search ranking off of your website. Beware, most SEO companies will use what they call “link building” tactics, but really they are taking your money and purchasing cheap links which will eventually crush your site. This is why a lot of businesses who were ranking yesterday are no longer ranking today. If there is ever one thing to remember, besides you get what you pay for, is that Google is smart and you no longer can fool them. Don’t try and purchase back links, it may seem temping and cheap, but you will lose in the long run. Here are some of the most popular types of off page SEO: Content Marketing, Press Releases, Directories, Per Per Click, Network Sites, Video Marketing, Comment Marketing, Forum Marketing, Social Media, Banner Advertising, and Link exchanges among others.

 On Page SEO Checklist:

Did you find these on page SEO tips helpful? Do you have anything you would like to add? Feel free to ask any additional questions in the comments below. Share with someone you believe this can help too!

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