How Content Marketing is King For Your Online Success

How to Turn Your Boring Business Into a Party (of Sales)


“How Content Marketing is King For Your Online Success”?!? You’ve got an amazing web site, showcasing all of your hottest products, but you’re just not generating the sales from it that you thought you would. Your web master says you don’t have enough traffic, but how do you get that traffic? You’ve tried blogging, but your writers seem to keep writing stuff that nobody bothers to read. What gives?

sWait a sec…you just have bloggers writing on your blog, you said? That’s not much of a party, and visitors want to come to a party, not a lecture! Content is king, and you need to be generating content that people actually want to view, read, or listen to. The diversity of your content is becoming more and more important, and the numbers say that 73% of customers are more likely to purchase after watching a video. So, where are your videos?

That is a really key component to your marketing, or it should be. The second key component should be winning the social media game. The ranking signals in SEO are showing a very strong correlation between Facebook Shares, Comments, and Likes, as well as Google +1s. So you should make sure you keep up with the times, and promote your content on various social media sites, like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.


The third component you need to consider is your mobile site. Google has hinted that mobile page speed is going to become a factor in search engine rankings soon, and that mobile traffic to Google will outpace desktop traffic in the near future. Because of this, you need to make sure your mobile site is just as optimized as your desktop site, or you’ll find yourself out in the cold with your online marketing.


If all of this seems far too complicated, and you’re about ready to throw in the tool and give up on online marketing altogether, let’s take a quick look at some more facts. Online content works because buyers use that content to inform their purchase decisions. Online content has become so important to consumers that 99% of buyers in a recent study have said that content affects their purchase decisions, and 27% of them said it has a major effect. In other words, you are much more likely to make a sale if your customer can research your product online before they buy.

Turn your blog into a party, with plenty of quality entertainment, and you will see your numbers surge. You’ll be more likely to generate sales from leads, and you’ll see more traffic to your blog and website. Who knows, your party might even be the next one to go viral and spread around the world to millions of consumers! That would really make for a hip and happening party, wouldn’t it?

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