How To Make More Money With Your WordPress Site


WordPress is a widely used content management system with a majority of businesses using it as a platform to gain visibility online. It’s unfortunate that many of these businesses are losing opportunities for attracting more revenue simply because they don’t know how to make the most out of WordPress.

If you want more traffic and revenue for your business, WordPress has an abundance of plugins and tools that you can use not only to enhance your website but also to help you grow your business. We outline below the ways that you can make more money with WordPress:

Do the SEO basics

The SEO basics are so easy to do and you can do them yourself without the need for a webmaster. Use an SEO widget like Yoast to set up an XML map for your site, optimize meta data, and detect duplicate content.

Use a contact form

A contact form page is one of the best ways to gain visitor information. It gives you access to leads which you can remarket stuff to like your site, content, newsletters, and other updates.

Encourage social sharing

Make sure your content is easily shareable via popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Social engagement is one of factors search engines like Google take into consideration when ranking a site. High user engagement translates into better traffic and increase brand awareness.

Keep your content fresh with a newsletter and a blog

Deliver the latest updates and most useful information to your audience via newsletters and blogposts. Newsletters work best to keep your customers updated of your company and the industry while blog can be used to disseminate helpful information about your products and services.

Doing this not only pleases your user but also Google which uses content freshness as a metric for ranking a site.

Join the WordPress community

If you need insights or help on how to use WordPress, then you need not to look further than the WordPress community. Get help from the experts on the technical side of things and gain insights from business owners on how to use WordPress to your advantage.

Regularly back up your site

Any loss to your site data could result in financial distress to your business. Think about it, if your site is down due to data loss, not only do you lose revenue from potential customers but now you also need to spend money just to get your site back up.

This is why backing your site up is so important. Make it a habit to backup your site regularly.

Customize each landing page

If your site’s pages have different functions, make sure to customize them accordingly. So let’s say you have a product page, build it in a way that makes it convenient for the user to view the product. WordPress has page builders that you can utilize to personalize custom pages.

Get rid of spam

Removing all forms of spam should be an automatic set up in your WordPress. Spam decreases your credibility as a business and increases your bounce rate when a link redirects a user to another page. Use spam screening systems that remove or block spam automatically.

These are some of the things that you can do to make the most out of WordPress. There’s a wide array of tools that await you when you join WordPress.

If you already have WordPress but you have no idea where to start, we at Anabolic Technology can help you. We can help you choose the best tools to utilize to help make your site better.

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