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Anabolic Technology - Web Design and Online Marketing
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 by Kelly Fancher
Customer Service

Thank you so much! I really appreciate all your help and Your customer service is one of things that sets your business apart!


 by Ann Vickers
WordPress Support

I WANT to say - that you are an amazing businessman. You are so very professional and helpful. I cannot thank you enough for everything you have done and continue to do for me and my business.

You are always there to answer any questions I may have and ALSO CONTINUE to be very patient with me.

Thank you so much. Really - I hope you know I appreciate all that you do.

Ann Vickers

 by Kelly
Website Redesign & New Website

Anabolic Technology exceeded all my expectations in redesigning a website for Eagle Eye Ranch and building Fancher Oil Company’s website. The team had ideas of how to make improvements to Eagle Eye’s website from the start! I knew the site need help but had no idea where to start. Richie made huge improvements to the calendar/ booking system and added online payment. It not only looks 100x better but is easier for our customers to use. (the rebuilt website)

With the Company website I wanted something simple and professional. Richie took what I envisioned and made it a reality! (the new website)

But it is the customer services that truly sets Anabolic Technology apart. I made numerous requests to change minor details and the team implemented each one immediately (without being annoyed!). Richie always seemed to make time to address any concerns or questions while they were working on things. When you are working with a company like Anabolic, the process is simple and the end product is fabulous!

 by Ann Marie Vickers
My Website re-design -

I want to say that my website is amazing. The customer service and professionalism is outstanding. I had my website redesigned this year and everytime a customer or potential customer reviews my website, they always compliment me on HOW AMAZING AND BEAUTIFUL it is. I want to thank you very much for your great work and I have and continue to recommend you to all my friends and family.

Ann Vickers

 by Victor Tikhonov
Wordpress website fix

I had small issue with my website - annoying enough to want to fix it, but small enough so most services wouldn't want to deal with it. Anabolic Technology took the job and has done it. As it happens with dependencies something else got messed up, but Richie took care of it in no time and at no extra charge, thus earning more of my business in future. Based on how everything works I can tell he knows his stuff very well. This is the only work I have ask to do so far, but based on the outcome I would not hesitate to recommend Anabolic Technology to anyone. I'm very satisfied customer.

 by Tom Color
Fixed my Wordpress Website

- What would you say is unique about me, my services or my way of doing business?

Your fresh approach in a sea of sameness was greatly appreciated.

- In what way did I add value to your business?

Your tactical evaluation of our internet model with the intent of increasing our online presence

-In what ways did I make it easy for you to do business with me?

Billing was very streamlined.

-Would you recommend me to others?


-Should the opportunity arise, would you use my services again?

Yes, we would always consider you as the need arises.

 by Linda Cicero
10 out of 10

My calls and emails are returned promptly...Innovative design..knowledgeable

 by Sam Tanner
Minimum Viable Product/ Web Application Development Project With Anabolic


Just wanted to send you a brief note regarding my experience working with you.

You’ve been able to assist me in moving forward in realizing my dream and passion of developing my real estate website and application. Version 1.0 has been a tremendous hit and success. I’m excited about the future development of 2.0 and the opportunity to monetize the app. Without your knowledge, patience and direction I would have never realized the rapid development that I have.

Your knowledge extends well beyond just that of the technological aspects of web development. Your knowledge of beta testing, creating a questionnaire for feedback and revisions, SEO optimization, patent protection and of the components impacting the success of my endeavor makes you a unique resource.

Not only would I recommend your services to others seeking web development but I look forward to future business.


Sam M. Tanner


“In Search of the Shiny Penny”

 by Michael McCann

Richie was very assessable and was will to work with us even though our project was very small. He was able to make very good recommendations to enhance our basic needs and to make us look more professional as an organization. Initial rollout was 85%-90% exactly what we were expecting. Within hours, he was able to get the site exactly as we had envisioned it. I was very pleased and would definitely recommend you to others and I would use your service again.

 by Patti Butler
Amazing Website Redesign and Business Software

My experience with Anabolic Technologies and Richie has been extremely positive. He kept me aware of the progress of my project and is very detail oriented. He was happy and quick to answer any questions or concerns I had along the way. In addition to his great pricing schedule his knowledge is superb. If you are looking for this kind of work I recommend you call him first. You will not be disappointed.