Why Do I Need a Web Designer?

Why should I hire a professional web designer, when I can build my own website for free?

Business owners are always looking for an edge and ways to save money. Currently, you can find a number of website development tools that allow you to create a free website by yourself. Initially, the idea of having a new free website is enticing and sounds great but is there a catch? You decide.

Yes, a website may be initially free to build, but what is the total cost of ownership for your organization in both the short and long term? How much of your time will be spent developing and maintaining your “new” website. Are you going to spend time programming your website or nurturing and developing your business. Are going to hire someone to maintain your site? Does the website reflect the image of your business? Does the website generate revenue?

There is a cost to develop, modify, and maintain a website overtime. None the less, after investing a lot of time and money over a long period of time, you will still own a template looking website. Most importantly, boiler-plate template websites don’t differentiate your business and have difficulty converting potential customers into dollars while charging expensive hosting fees.

Why I should hire a professional web designer for my unique business requirements.

Creating a high-quality website that generates income requires strategic, tactical, and operational consideration unique to your business. A unique website should portray organization trust based on the climate and culture of your business. It’s not just a webpage it’s your thoughts, dreams and aspirations for your business. A boiler-plate template webpage sells your business short! What is your business worth to you and are you willing to commit and invest in your business.

Web Designer

Below are key features of how a professional web designer can create a web presence to grow your business:


  • Targeted research, strategy, and planning for your unique market
  • Unique design optimized for customer conversions
  • Processes for influencing potential users to respond either by phone or e-form
  • Direct notification to your email
  • Converting your site to fit on all mobile devices and operating systems
  • Customized Solutions to meet your customers’ needs
  • Analytical Knowledge of the online community
  • Better navigation and easier pathways/flow for the user
  • Complete proper on site SEO setup
  • Designed for proper monitor resolutions and the correct user audience
  • Correct colors, page layout, typography, photos and graphics to complement your brand
  • Clear cross browser user experience testing

Creating a web-presence is much more than using a canned template to create a web-page stock-piled with information. The goal is to realize and maximize a return on your investment based on a targeted, strategic, well-planned web-presence. Let the personality of your organization shine through!

Most web designers will provide a no cost consultation so invest 10 minutes if you are really looking to grow your business online and generate more revenue.

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Richie Contartesi is an online enthusiast with experience building a revenue generating online presence for businesses yielding a maximum return on their time and investment.


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