How To Use Jing

  1. Go to
  2. Type Jing into the search box
  3. Click - Google Search
  4. In page,Click Free Download thenyou have 2 options.  If you’re using Windows click     start windows download, If you’re using Mac click Start Mac download. Download Jing, Free Software for Screenshots and Screencasts
  5. Wait until download is complete. This is very simple as it is a click download and then you’re done.
  6. Once you’ve installed Jing successfully, you will see a yellow ball on top of your screen, sometimes it will be in the right upper corner or at the upper center of the screen or the left corner of the screen.jing2
  7. You have 3 options when you hover your mouse over the yellow ball . First is the Cross heirs to capture or start, Second for your picture/video history, Third is for your settings and more.How to Use Jing
  8. To record a Video or capture a Picture, Click the cross heirs, drag and stop anywhere in the screen and you will have the ability to capture pictures or capture video.
  9. If you choose video you will see a 3,2,1 countdown.How to Use Jing (1)
  10. Now you have the ability to record anything that you need to be done or that is hard to describe in writing.
  11. You do get only get 5 minutes. When you’re done click finish button.
  12. You will see the preview of your video and you will see 3 options on the lower left part which is 1st share it via screencast (it is a free hosting service that is like a youtube but much quicker), 2nd save to your computer, 3rd is cancel .as
  13. If you share via screencast you will see the uploading status bar and then when its done there is confirmation pop out box telling you that it is already in your clipboard and click the View on and a new browser will be opened showing the video/picture you have