5 Reasons Why Your Site Visitors Are Not Converting

Reasons-Why-Your-Site-Visitors Are Not Converting

Every site that sells a product or a service has one goal in mind: to gain more customers. It will always be the bottom line of every business. An entrepreneur would be lying if they said they didn’t want customers. The end goal will always be to get more customers. And lately, that’s something that hasn’t been happening to your site. Why is that so? We thought we might point out some things on your site that might be causing this to happen.

There’s no call to action

You can’t just expect a customer to know what to do the moment they land on your site. Imagine your customer as a clueless shopper. Where would you want to take them if they had no idea what to buy? Is it a homepage that shows them all of the best sellers or is it a set of consecutive links they need to click on to arrive at their desired product page? Evaluate your site and see if there is any form of call to action the customers can take a cue from.

There’s not enough human-ness

The site looks like it’s been unmaintained for many years. The copyright is from 6 years ago, the blog post hasn’t been updated in the last year; there is no sign of anyone updating it. How do you expect a customer to get your product or service if they feel like there’s not going to be anyone behind the site to answer their queries? Your site shouldn’t just be stagnant. Give it life! Update it regularly if need be.


It doesn’t talk about the customer’s needs

Here’s one way to drive a customer away: insistently talk about how awesome your product is and how revolutionary the person who invented it is. Okay maybe this is a little exaggerated but you get what we mean. If you keep blabbing about the product and not about what the customer needs, then you’re wasting your time. “What do humans need?” will always be the question to answer if you want to come up with a useful product. Address these needs/fears/desires in your site and you’ll be a winner.

It’s inaccessible

Your site may have everything the customer needs: useful information, product descriptions, secure payment process, portfolios, and even customer reviews –but for some reason, your customers aren’t finding you.

There could be two things that causing this: 1) Your site is not responsive meaning it isn’t dynamic enough to change according to the device the customer is using or 2) Your site isn’t search engine friendly meaning the important pages aren’t optimized using the right keywords, there aren’t enough backlinks to build up its authority and so on.

Fix these issues one by one and your site will slowly go to the top making it more accessible to your customers.

There’s no edge

Every business niche will have a certain template that they use and when it gets too overused by everyone belonging in that industry, it’s not fun anymore. You need to be able to stand out from your competitors. When a visitor goes into your site, they should be able to feel a difference between you and another competitor. What else do you bring that your competitors don’t?

These are some of the major things that could be hampering your site’s ability to gain more converting visitors. Go over your site and give it an evaluation. Which of these things do you think your site could have? As soon as you’re able to identify these, the easier it will be for you to take on the problem and gain new sales.

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