Does Custom WordPress Design Impact the Bottom Line?

Does an attractive custom WordPress design lead to more sales?

By “attractive web design,” I don’t just mean pages that look good, but also pages that work right. But all that matters is how it looks, right? Wrong! The fact is, you’ll lose visitors before they even see your beautiful custom WordPress design if you have other flaws in your design, such as a page that takes too long to load. Let’s take a look at what impacts users the most about web design today:

1. How Important is a Quick Load Time?

How long your page takes to load plays a really big role in building your traffic and keeping visitors on your page. The figures show that 40% of Web users will leave a page that takes more than 3 seconds to load. Here’s a snapshot of traffic growth according to page load time:

• Less than 1 second: 4.6% traffic growth
• Between 1 and 2 seconds: 2.0% traffic growth
• Between 2 and 3 seconds: 0.3% traffic growth
• Between 3 and 4 seconds: 0% traffic growth
• 4 or more seconds: negative traffic growth

I highly recommend using Pingdom to test your sites speed for free:

Test your custom wordpress website speed

2. Do Colors Really Matter on my Website?

What colors you pick can also affect your site’s performance. Did you know that sites with dark color schemes see more growth than sites with light color schemes? Green is seen as the most popular color with visitors, seeing 3% traffic growth, while red is the least popular, causing negative traffic growth.

3. What is Responsive Website Design and HTML5?

Responsive design is developed using HTML5 and allows your website to format to any device and screen size. Only 27% of the web pages out there are using HTML5, but those sites account for 49% of the page views! Switching to HTML5 can more than double a site’s page views, so it’s definitely something to consider. John Brownlee created a post that shows some great GIFs of how responsive design works.

Responsive WordPress Design Desktop

4. What Can I Do To Improve My Websites Credibility?

Does your website give your visitors a reason to trust your company? The stats say that 94% of people decide not to trust certain websites based on the site’s design. You can improve your site’s trust by:

• Showcasing your social media followers
• Avoiding the use of stock photography
• Including links to media coverage on your site
• Displaying logos of your more prominent clients
• Avoiding the use of pre-made templates
• Provide a useful set of frequently asked questions (FAQ) and answers

WordPress Support Packages

WordPress Support FAQs

5. Layout. How your site is laid out plays another huge role in keeping people on your pages. Most visitors will focus on the first two paragraphs of your page, so that’s where the important information needs to be. Here are some other facts to keep in mind:

• Most Internet users look at pages in an F-shaped pattern. (crazy egg is a cool tool that will allow you to view your websites heat map.)
• Horizontally designed pages encourage a Z-shaped pattern.
• Site visitors usually just scan the first few words of subheads, bullet points, and paragraphs.
• 70% of people look at lists with bullet points, compared to only 55% of people looking at lists without bullet points.

Heatmap Custom WordPress Design

Did you find these facts helpful for you? Do you believe custom WordPress design effects the bottom line? Feel free to leave your mark or ask any additional questions in the comments. Share with someone you believe you can help too!

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