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No matter what you think you know about blogging and website support, there is always room for improvement, right? After all, you always wish you can increase your website traffic. If you aren’t already following these 7 simple rules, take a gander and give a lot of consideration to following them. They’ve worked for many successful bloggers, including me, and they’ll work for you, too!

Rule #1: Mood is Everything
Setting the right mood for your article is crucial to a successful blog post. If your reader can tell that the information you are giving them will be credible or useful based on the mood of your blog article, you’ll have a more successful blog post. For example, opening a blog post with the promise that you can help a retailer multiply their sales is much more compelling than one that simply opens with telling them you hope their last big sale was profitable.

Rule #2: Data is Everything Else
To build credibility and establish yourself as an expert, you use data. Whether it’s your own data or someone else’s, if it supports what you are promising or saying, it helps you build the case for what you say. It’s the difference between sound advice backed up by experience and research versus something that was just made up on the spot.

Rule #3: The Hook Brings You Back
The average person’s attention span is a mere 8 seconds. That means you have to snag more of your reader’s attention quickly, like using your headlines. Your headlines are your hooks, and they need to be designed to drag people kicking and screaming, if necessary, into reading what you have to say. Your headline should do the following:
•    Stick to 6 words or less, with less than 65 characters
•    Use interesting adjectives
•    Integrate negative words (these tap into your reader’s insecurity)
•    Be personalized
•    Use numbers and data

Rule #4: Show Some Love
If you love your readers enough to do just about anything to keep them happy, they’ll reward you with staying with your blog for a long time and support. They’ll comment on your content, share it with the world, and tell everyone they know just how great you are.

Rule #5: Put Your Heart Into It
Don’t just blog about any old thing you can think of. Blog about something that you truly care about, something you can really put your heart into. This will help you write consistently and keep up the momentum that draws readers to your blog. Nothing is worse than a blogger who only blogs once a month out of necessity, instead of out of love. Write about what you love, and that love will help you write more (and get more readers.)

Rule #6: Make a List, and Check It Twice
Collecting emails is essential to successful blogging. This is so true that some blogs out there rely on email for up to 28% of the total traffic to the blog. If you’re blogging, make sure you offer something to entice people to give you their email address, like an eBook or an online course of some sort. That way, you can utilize your email marketing to its fullest potential, pulling in the traffic and ad revenues that you want and need.

Rule #7: Keep it simple, silly!
This rule refers to your vocabulary. Maybe you know the longest words in the dictionary, but most of your readers probably don’t. What’s more, when you use those long words, they feel like you’re talking down to them. Don’t talk down to your readers, or you’ll lose them! Instead, use simple, down-to-earth language that everyone can relate to.

Follow these simple rules, and you’ll find your blog is more successful and, at the same time, easier for you to manage. Lastly, it will increase your website traffic. It helped me get over my first 100k and multiple clients I serve. What other rules do you live by when you are blogging? Comment below with any rules or questions!

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Richie Contartesi is an online enthusiast with experience building a revenue generating online presence for businesses yielding a maximum return on their time and investment.


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